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PillCall, the Bottle Cap That Texts You When You Forget Your Pill!

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PillCall is a WiFi-enabled Smart Bottle Cap for your existing Medication Bottle.

"Did I just take my pill?"

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Finally, a way to answer this age-old question. PillCall knows the answer, and it will tell you. If you open the cap twice in five minutes, a reminder will keep you from double-dosing.

• When you forget your pill, your phone gets a text reminder.

• When you remember your pill, nothing happens. No dumb nagging.

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This would be perfect for.... Everybody!

50% of people don't take their medication as directed, mostly from forgetting.

The leading cause of accidental death isn't car accidents but accidental poisonings. PillCall could save your loved one's life when they're having a bad day.

Will it fit the prescription bottles I already have?

image of four pillcaps. They are red, orange, green, and blue

The prototype PillCall cap comes in four sizes to match the most common threads and diameters of modern pill bottles. Instead of being white, which might get thrown away out of habit, and harder to open than they should be, PillCall Fmade them bright colors, gave them an ergonomic concave surface for gripping covered with a knurl pattern, like one finds on gym equipment. They don’t look like your grandparents’ pill caps, but people with feeble hands appreciate things like this.

Get started by following our sizing guide.

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Targeting 100M Units, Per Year, by 2030

Everybody Needs At Least One

Saves Customers from Missed Doses, Overdoses, ER Visits, Ambulance Rides, Early Moves to Assisted Living, and Early Trips to the Funeral Home.

Privacy Matters, Privacy Respected

Big Pharma would love to productize our customers to push more pills in the name of "medication compliance". Sorry, Big Pharma. We don't know what pills who is taking, and we don't want to know. We pledge to our customers that their information won't get sold or rented out.

Cheaper & Easier than LifeAlert

If your elderly loved one has a fall and can't get up, then their PillCall cap is going to text you when they miss their pill. When they then don't answer your call, you're able to save the day.

Safeguards Your Medicine Cabinet

The sad fact is burglars, house guests and teenagers sometimes like to snoop, borrow, or steal your medications when you're not home. They'll think twice when they see PillCall on that bottle.