Getting started with PillCall...

Ready to start using PillCall? Let’s get you set up!
What are you doing with that $20 bill?

This is how you size your pill bottle. Take out a $20, take off your lid, and place the $20 with the lower left corner just inside the rim, as shown.

image of a $20 bill behind held against the lid of a pill bottle.
The Right Edge

Based on where the right edge of your bottle rests against the $20 as shown, that's the size that fits your bottle. Easy.

image of a $20 bill. On it there are arrows pointing to various lengths across the bill for pill sizing.

Setting up your PillCall Pill Cap

image of an iphone. On the screen is a screenshot of the PillCall app in the app store.

1. Download and launch the app.

2. Type in your WiFi credentials (username & password).

3. Hit "Program" and screw off the cap. Programming takes 2 seconds.

4. Enter your days of the week & times, and enter your phone numbers.

5. Done! Don't forget your pills, but if you do, you're covered.

apple download from app store badge available on Google Play badge